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How to Say No and Keep Your Friends

Most teens give into peer pressure because of social anxiety. Young people are worried that in certain situations if they do not go along with what is popular they will be left behind socially. How to Say No and Keep Your Friends gives students 10 exit strategies to pack away and use when the heat is on to make wrong choices. Using I Corinthians 10:13, students are taught to stand on the promise that God will not give us more than we can handle.

Something for the Pain

Substance abuse hits all demographics. In New Brunswick alone 70% of high school teens are experimenting with alcohol. Something for the Pain looks at the reasons students start experimenting with substance and then encourages them to engage cognitively in the process. By using their IQ (Intelligence Quotient) to battle the EQ (Emotional Quotient) they are reminded that God instructs them to guard their hearts.

Read the

The conversation about media choices engages youth to actually think about the choices they are making in music, video games, social media, etc. Are they honouring God with these choices? or simply choosing based on popularity? Read the Label is a fun interactive conversation that starts youth talking about their choices in digital media and helps to engage Biblical principles in the process.


Bullying is a word that is in the vocabulary of every young school-aged child. It is a heavy used behaviour word when dealing with student issues. There are biblical strategies when being confronted by others. Love Kindness is for the bully, the bullied, and those caught in the middle.

The Dating Discussion

The truth is we cannot find the 21st Century model of dating laid out in the Scriptures. Dating books abound for the Christian teen. The content of these books puts dating for the Christian on a broad continuum of ideas. The Dating Discussion helps Christian teens sort out a Biblical philosophy for dating.

WWW: World Wide Web is the New Wild Wild West

This in-depth discussion encourages youth to create more and consume less. We live in a culture that entices us to consume 24/7, yet it when it comes to work place skills, our teens need to be more creative than ever. This discussion is fun, interactive, and grapples with ideas about mimicking the acts of creativity from our Great Creator.

Before You Hit Send
(Age 14+)

Frequently, we hear stories in the news about the implications of teen “sexting”. Nudity and sexual pictures are extremely dangerous as they place the teen in a vulnerable position in a permanent way. Although this topic is very sensitive it is extremely important to begin the conversation with both males and females. This conversation will foster an understanding that our sexuality is created with limits and this God-given gift is to be used “in bounds”.

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