Parent Conversations

Conversations for parents and children ages 5-12.

Ages 5-8 Years Old

Two Are Better Than One

This is a presentation on the Biblical model of friendship. This conversation takes the kids through a variety of familiar movie characters and relates them to real life friendship and how God wants us to live.

Willie and Wallie

Peer pressure can be tough, and it can start when we are very young. This presentation gives young children strategies to identify and deal with peer pressure. The cartoon characters—Willie and Wallie help to show them the right roads to choose in life.

Love Kindness

Bullying is a word that is in the vocabulary of every young school-aged child. It is a heavy used behaviour when dealing with student issues. There are biblical strategies when being confronted by others. Love Kindness is for the bully, the bullied and those caught in the middle.

Ages 9-12 Years Old

Broken Dreams & Happy Endings

Visiting and ministering to groups of girls is always a joy. This conversation centers around the types of things girls believe will make them happy: the right clothes, the right body, the right boyfriend etc. From a Biblical perspective we begin to map out the source of true happiness and fulfilment.

How to Say No and Keep Your Friends

Most give into peer pressure because of social anxiety. Young people are worried that in certain situations if they don’t go along with what is popular they will be left behind socially. How to Say No and Keep Your Friends gives students 10 exit strategies to pack away and use when the heat is on them to make a wrong choice. Using I Corinthians 10:13, students are taught to stand on the promise that God will not give us more than we can handle.

Something for the Pain

Substance abuse hits all demographics. In New Brunswick along 70% of high school teens are experimenting with alcohol. Something for the Pain looks at the reasons students start experimenting with substance and then encourages them to engage cognitively in the process using their IQ (intelligence Quotient) to battle the EQ (Emotional Quotient) reminding them that God instructs us to guard our hearts.

Cyber Character

Does God care what we post on Facebook? Or how we interact on social media? Cyber Character introduces discussions that promote general health and safety for the Internet.

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