About Us

The Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. started in 1926 as the New Brunswick Temperance Federation.  Although our name has changed over the years and our mission has expanded. We are here to to provide education and encouragement for individuals and groups so that all levels of society may have sound reasons for making wise decisions regarding alcohol, drugs and other social issues.

We offer a plethora of topics for youth that are both proactive (helping youth set boundaries in their lives) and reactive (helping youth find freedom from their current situations). We continue to develop programming based on the needs in the culture in and around New Brunswick.

We provide tools for public and Christian school teachers, guidance counsellors, principals, youth pastors, Sunday School teachers, pastors. Our topics now span: substance awareness/abuse, media choices, character on the Internet, body image, dating, sexting, peer pressure, youth depressive disorder, media impacts, positive media application, bullying, and topics that inspire overall spiritual health from a biblical perspective. The board of directors for the Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. continues to be open to the Lord’s leading towards topics from a biblical perspective for the purpose of education.


We are a group of Christian Men and Women in New Brunswick who are concerned for the spiritual and moral well-being of our youth.We help our youth across the age spectrum find direction and encouragement for their daily challenges and experiences
Mission Statement


Helping young people navigate their culture empowered by Biblical principles.

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Download our brochure and share with those whom you feel may benefit from our programs.


from our Executive Director, Dr. Marsha Boyd-Mitchell, B.Sc., M.Ed., Ed.D.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

Thanks for checking us out. The Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. is an organization that strives to provide programming for youth to meet the pressures they are facing in the culture. Our programs are based on biblical principles. We desire to see Canadian youth make wise choices in areas of bullying, dating, peer pressure, substance, media choices, Internet consumption, video games, music, communication choices and more.

Please feel free to see our Know Boundaries Conversations. We will be happy to partner with you as a public school, private school, youth group, community group, Sunday School, and/or the overall mission of your church. Our seminars are interactive and create an atmosphere for youth and parents to dialogue about the important issues of our day.

I look forward to hearing from you in the days and weeks ahead. Let’s get together and discuss how we can point our kids in the right direction. After all it does matter how we live, and we all become the sum total of the choices we make. Also I take my Tim’s coffee with just one milk and I am willing to travel a significant distance (within the province) just to connect or reconnect with you and your group.

~ Marsha


Marleigh Genereaux

Associate Director

Marleigh Genereaux is a Master’s of Counselling Student at Liberty University. Marleigh has a heart for young people and desires for them to walk in truth. You can book Marleigh for a presentation of An Anxious Generation for your group this spring season of CAFNB. Please contact us for more details. Marleigh lives with her husband Ryan, the Family Life Pastor, at The Ridge Church in Maple Ridge, New Brunswick.

Matthew Hanson

Marketing Director

Matthew Hanson is a former marketing student from NBCC and current marketing director for the #ClimbHigher campaign. Captivated by imagination, Matthew cannot help but get excited about creating things for people. Whether it is strategy, graphics or videos, Matt gets excited to see a vision through to completion. He's excited to work on future campaigns for CAFNB.