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Issue 22 – Spring 2019

Carry Me

God will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will carry you in their arms and you won’t hurt your feet on the stones. You will overpower the strongest lions and the most deadly snakes.
~ Psalm 91:11-13 CEV

In my earliest memories of my grandfather he’s sitting in his favorite chair quoting the 91st Psalm. He would recite the King James Version, and he’d quote it often and from memory. Gramp had committed many Scriptures to memory. Although I’m not sure how he came to choose certain passages to meditate on, Psalm 91 was one of those chapters. I can hear his voice yet strong and clear with Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans...

When I was little I often would fall asleep in the car, I would wake up with my dad carrying me out of the car and into my bed. My dad was an incredibly strong man, and he was able to lift me up with ease. I remember thinking as a kid there couldn’t be anyone stronger than my father. My grandfather (my dad’s dad) was also a powerful man and used his strength to our advantage whenever necessary. Growing up on a farm with both of these men I never needed to worry about something being beyond my strength and capacity – one of them would take care of anything I needed.

When earthly support runs weak--God commands His angels to carry us in their arms. It is a wonderful promise made even sweeter to me when I close my eyes and hear my grandfather reciting the words of Psalm 91 strong and clear. Nothing is more important or powerful than passing on the true source of strength to the next generation. Do the young people in your sphere of influence know the strength of the Almighty?

Recently, I was reviewing this Psalm in the Contemporary English Version and I was struck by the plain language of the
angels carrying me in their arms. My mind flashed back to my childhood. I had the privilege of growing up with some strong men in my life; my father and my grandfather. I am the youngest and only girl in my family of origin, and on my dad’s side youngest grandchild.

As an adult my husband has become a new source of earthly strength; when I feel I just can’t quite manage the challenge physically or mentally he’s there for support. While I admire the earthly strength I’ve come to depend on, nothing is as captivating as being in the arms of the Almighty. Powerful is your arm. Strong is your hand. Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength - Psalm 89:13


Marsha’s Comings & Goings

by Marsha Boyd-Mitchell, CAFNB Executive Director

This winter has been filled with lots of travel around the province, the country, and the globe. I enjoyed presenting a new version of Read the Label to the ladies of Lewisville Baptist Church. While exploring new parts of China I was able to speak to a group of Seminary students at Harbin. Here in Canada I enjoyed being part of a National Christian Educators Conference held in Banff, Alberta. Here I presented a new presentation called Digital.Peace.

It is always a privilege to speak to groups of young people who are training for ministry. It was a delight to speak to students in chapels at both Kingswood University and New Brunswick Bible Institute. Students were receptive to talks on choosing a less travelled path. Recently, while visiting South Korea I had the joy of training teachers in areas of spiritual formation and resiliency at Soojung Vision School.

Christmas is always a time of reflection on the birth of the Christ Child. It was a blessing to present the Chaos of Christmas to students, parents, and members of the Sussex community at the Sussex Christian School Christmas chapel.

In the days ahead I look forward to being part of the Atlantic Baptist Ladies Retreat, Tracy Baptist Youth, Burtt’s Corner AWANA, Valley Christian Academy Chapel, Hammond River Valley Power Lab, and the congregations of Sussex Wesleyan and Penobsquis Baptist. Thank you for your prayers regarding my travel and please let me know if I can serve your faith community in any way.


~ Marsha

Get the Conversation Started

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Time To Ask Questions

Legalization of recreational cannabis is a few months old. There have been many articles on this topic and recently I saw one by this title—Time to Ask the Questions. It would seem the time to ask questions has passed.

October 17th 2018, was a day mourned by some, celebrated by others. The eyes of the world are on Canada. I think we already have answers to many of our questions. For example: We know experimentation is the most dangerous step in the cycle of addiction, we know cannabis is a gateway drug, we know cannabis is more addictive than tobacco, and we know that long term use leads to cognitive impairment.

Where are our kids in this equation of legalization? This next generation of voters has been sold out for tax dollars. Canada has declared a liberal, permissive stance on recreational cannabis.

Proverbs says, there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end of that way will lead to death. It matters how we live. We are the sum of the choices that we make. The prophet Isaiah said woe to him that calls evil good, and good evil.

Our government will collect tax dollars on a substance intended to cause impairment and has the power to entrap a generation of Canadians to dependence on a substance. While they will use some of those tax dollars to discourage young people from getting involved in cannabis and help those with addiction issues already; the legalization will bring statistical increase to both experimentation and addiction. My questions have been answered.


Marion Darrach, Norton NB
by Marjorie Knight